Licenses from Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction:


Bisnode Croatia Certificate for beloning in highest class of credit worthiness in Croatia :



PRANJIĆ d.o.o.

Poslovna zona I Street, No. 3, Kutina, Croatia

 construction, investment and ongoing maintenance of railroads and rail facilities

 construction and maintenance of crane lifts

 construction and reconstruction of rail-road crossings


OIB: 59469765478

M.B.: 03905047


Registered in Commercial Court Register in Zagreb (croatian: Sudski registar Trgovačkog suda u Zagrebu) as MBS number 080253557.


Bank account:



Opened at OTP Banka d.d., Domovinskog rata 3, 23000 Zadar

IBAN: HR4524070001100083712




Founding capital: 1.000.000,00 kn paid-up

Members of Management Board: Ante Pranjić i Vinko Pranjić (directors)


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